How to pay your Brokerst subscription using Binance
In order to pay your Brokerst subscription, you need to transfer the BTC to your Brokerst wallet. Here we show you how to withdraw the cryptocurrencies from your Binance account.
In order to pay your Brokerst subscription and start using your trading bots, you´ll need to transfer the corresponding amount of BTC to your Brokerst wallet. You can use any trustworthy Exchange or wallet to complete the transfer. In this post, we´ll explain how to do it using Binance.
Brokerst currently only works with Binance, so you will need to have your cryptocurrencies on that exchange anyway. Click here if you want to know how to create a Binance account and enable 2FA.

1- First, you need to go to the withdrawal page.

There are different ways to get there:
    Go to the homepage of Binance and click in your "username" displayed in the dropdown menu of the profile icon. You will be directed to your dashboard. Next, click on “Withdraw”, and you will see the withdrawal page.
    Or, on the homepage of Binance, move your mouse up to the wallet icon. Once you activate the dropdown menu, click on the first option: "Spot wallet (Deposit & Withdraw)". Next, on the left column, click on the "Withdraw" option and you´ll get to the Withdraw page.

2- Next, insert the wallet address and the amount of cryptocurrency to transfer.

You´ll need to go to the payment page in Brokerst. If you are creating your account in Brokerst, you´ll get there as part of the registration process.
Copy your Brokerst wallet address in the "Recipient wallet address" field. You can also insert the amount of BTC to transfer by copying it directly from the Brokerst page. Be sure that you already selected the correct currency; in this case, BTC. Sometimes you will need to erase the last digits (as long as they are zeros) because Binance does not accept more than 8-digit values.
Check always your “Available Balance” before transferring, to be sure you have enough funds. After setting the withdrawal amount, the transaction fee will be displayed, and the final withdrawal amount will be automatically calculated. Finally, click on "submit".

3- Then, you will have to provide your 2FA authentication by inserting carefully the 6-digit 2FA code provided by the app.

For that, you need to have your cellphone close. We already explained how to enable the 2FA option using Google Authentication app, so we will continue using it during the process.

4- Finally, you will receive an email to confirm your withdrawal request.

Go to your inbox and verify the operation. Read carefully the address again and make sure all the data is correct before clicking in "Confirm Withdrawal".

5- After that, you´ll be redirected to the following page and just have to wait until the request is processed.

The withdrawal will be displayed on your withdrawal page once it is complete.

Watch our video for more info. You´ll see the same steps we already explained, in an easy and dynamic way:

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