How to import the Binance API into your Brokerst account
Once you register on Brokerst and buy your plan, you can start trading and earning profit right away. However, you need to connect your robot with your Binance account first. To achieve that, you need to generate an API key on Binance. Here we show you how!

1- Go to the Binance homepage and click on the profile icon.

Once you activate the dropdown menu, click on the “API Management” option.

2- You´ll be redirected to a preview page to start “Creating the API”.

As the page mentions, remember that “an API private key provides access to markets and real-time trading services on Binance via a third-party site or application”. Click on the “Create” icon.

3- Once you enter the page, you can label your new API.

You can insert the name you prefer, although we recommend you to use the word “Brokerst” as part of the description. Then, click on “Create”.

4- Now, you´ll insert the 6-digit 2FA code provided by the Google Authenticator app on your cellphone.

By providing two authentication factors, you´ll have another layer of security. Click here if you have any doubts about how to enable the 2FA option.

5- Finally, you will receive an email to verify your request.

Go to your inbox and confirm the “Creation of the New API Key”. You´ll be automatically redirected to a new page displaying your API list.

6- There, you´ll see the Public Key and the Secret Key.

We strongly recommend that you keep them safe, mainly the secret key. It is important to check the "Enable trade" option. Finally, remember to never enable the withdrawal option. This will prevent our bot from withdrawing any of your funds, increasing security. Click "Save" after finishing editing the restrictions.

7- Now that you generate your API key, you must log in to your Brokerst account.

If you have any doubts about creating your Brokerst account, click here.
Once you are logged in, click on your profile name (in the upper right corner of the home page), and then click on the "View Profile" option displayed in the drop-down menu.

8- Once you are on your profile page, click on the "Credentials" icon in the left column.

The Credential page will help you manage your API keys, allowing robots to use your exchange account. If you have already inserted a credential, you will see it on the list. To insert this new credential, click the "Add credentials" button.

10- To add a new API key, you only need to fill in the required information.

First, choose the Exchange (Brokerst only accepts Binance at this moment) and enter the name of your choice to identify the API. Finally, insert the public and private key generated by Binance (step 6) and click "Save changes". You will see your new API key listed on the credentials page.
Now, you need to connect your bot with API key. For that, you must have an active subscription at Brokerst. If you have questions about how to buy a subscription, click here.

11- Select the bot you want to connect.

Go back to your dashboard page (by clicking on the bot icon in the upper-right corner), and then click on the bot name.

12- Once you enter the "Details Views", click on the "Credentials" icon in the left column. The last step is to choose the API key you want to insert from the list..

It is important to select a distinctive name for each API key, to avoid confusion.
With this, you are almost ready to start trading. Look at the other steps here to start using your bot.

Watch our video for more info. You´ll see the same steps we already explained, in an easy and dynamic way:

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