How to create referrals links in Brokerst
One of the main features of Brokerst is the opportunity to share your referral link with friends and followers, which can even become a form of income. Here we show you how!
Brokerst offers up to 40% discount for all its bots. Users have access to different levels of this offer, depending on their subscription and sales history. In addition, users can also choose the discount/commission ratio they prefer, to obtain a more competitive offer. You can learn more about these features as we explain the following steps:

1- First, you must log into your account at Brokerst.

If you have questions about this process, click here. Then click on the "REFERENCE" link (currently at the bottom of the page).

2- You will be redirected to the Referal page.

In the left column, you can configure the data to generate your own personalized reference link. Name the link as you prefer (we use in the example the name of our bot and the social network in which we are going to promote the offer).

3- Then, select an Expiration Date for your link.

Each link created has a default 6-month deadline. This allows each customer to purchase a monthly plan using that link unlimited times up to that specific date. If you want your link to be available as much as possible, please leave the default 6-month deadline.
However, if you want to sell a limited offer to create scarcity in your marketing campaign, simply select the date you prefer. The link will be active as soon as it is generated, so we recommend sharing it only at the beginning of your offer.
It is important to note that the link does not have a limit of entries, that is, all users who wish to use it during the period of validity will obtain the offer.

4- Then select the discount/commission ratio by simply clicking on the commission percentage you want to get (square button).

Affiliates who have not paid a subscription at Brokerst will only have access to up to a 5% comission. Subscribed users, on the other hand, have access to a 20% comission. Finally, affiliates with more than 500 total sales will have access to upgrades of up to 40% comission.
Each affiliate chooses how to distribute the comission that Brokerst offers them:
    You can sell the bot at the original price, and keep the total comission, earning more.
    Or you can even share it with the maximum discount, and win nothing, having a very competitive offer.
The most recommended option is to achieve a balance between both values.
As you select the commission that you want to obtain when the purchase is completed, you will see the readjustment of the discount that each client will have when using your link.
For example, a subscribed user with up to 20% discount could have 5% commission while offering a 15% discount. Or otherwise, can have a commission 15% and a 5% off offer. In the next example, we show a balanced ratio with a 10% commission and a 10% discount.
In addition, in the first bar, you´ll see the percentage each client will pay when using your offer. In our next example, the user has to pay for the subscription 90% of the original price, while the affiliate gets the other 10%.
A unique link will be created. You can copy it directly or by clicking the "Copy link to clipboard" option. This new link will also appear on the same page, among your other referral links.

6- In the last column of the list, you have the option to copy, edit, or delete the link.

You can edit the Note and the Deadline (as long as it is after the current date). However, you cannot delete a link once a customer has used it for the first time.
You can select the social network you want to use and the image you prefer. Remember, if you want to use other means just use the referral link generated directly at launch.

Watch our video for more info. You´ll see the same steps we already explained, in an easy and dynamic way:

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