How to create an account in Brokerst

Create a Brokerst account in 7 easy steps to start using your bot.

1 - First, go to Brokerst homepage and click on "Register" (at the upper-right corner).

2- You will be redirected to our registration page. Fill in your personal information: Name, Last name, Email, and Password.

Remember to use a secure email address, and to create a strong password (using also numbers, symbols, and upper-case letters).

If you have a reference ID, you can enter the number to get the discount or special offer. Then, click on "Create account". By doing so, you are accepting the Brokerst terms and conditions.

3- An email confirmation will be sent to verify your account.

If you can´t find the email, please check your spam folder or promotion folder. Finally, if you didn´t receive it, click on the option "Please, send the mail again" or contact or customer support.

Our page showing Brokerst features will automatically open. Click on de link to see the plans and start using your bot.

5- Finally, choose the most suitable plan for you.

You are one step away to start trading, just have to click on "purchase now". You can know more about our plans here.

6- Once you chose your plan, you only have to complete the payment to start using it.

We are enthusiasts supporters of the crypto-ecosystem and embrace the advantage of cryptos, so we only accept Bitcoin for the moment. This step it´s very simple, you just only have to transfer the corresponding amount to your Brokerst wallet. You can use the QR code or simply copy the wallet address. If you have any questions to transfer the BTC, click here. Once you have paid, click on "Finish" to continue.

7- Finally, you´ll be redirected to your dashboard page, where you´ll see a list of your bots, according to the chosen plan.

They are going to be listed as pending until payment is validated.

Watch our video for more info. You´ll see the same steps we already explained, in an easy and dynamic way: